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Testimonial from Happy Bidders


Joe's Testimonial

"I was excited to get these coins..."

Brenda C.
July 2023

I was excited to get these coins, my son collects foregin coins.

"They have exhibited exemplary customer service..."

Hemmer P.
April 2023

My experience with PropertyRoom thus far has been nothing but great and extraordinary. They have exhibited exemplary customer service along with very impressive and strong communication response(s). And a military veteran I value their service, professionalism, courtesy, and commitment.

"I was very happy to get the winning bid!"

Eric C.
April 2023

Yes!!!! I was very happy to get the winning bid!

"I have just enjoyed the GREAT DEALS."

James S.

I have just enjoyed the GREAT DEALS. From, I have purchased many different Items from sound equipment to tools to just about everything they offer. Bidding is easy and I just purchased some tools, chainsaw, air compressor, all worked, and I am just thrilled! Look, [other auction sites] you take chances, At, most of the items are from police recovery and other places. But I purchased a drum kit and had one microphone not working out of 11 Sure m58; s. Fixed it and now I have a 30.00 buy, now worth 500.00. How Cool is That! If you are a seller this is the honey hole with Great Deals Bar none.

"There are so many great pieces!"

Monica M.

I am having a lot of fun with my 20-pound box of jewelry! There are so many great pieces! I just won a second auction for the same thing and I am very excited to see what will be arriving!

"It felt good to win."

Willie M.

There was a bidder going against me. It felt good to win. I have attended a lot of auctions before they went online. It still feels good to bid and win.

"...No one was bidding against me."

Geri H.

My first time. No one was bidding against me. It was fun but I didn’t expect to win. Thank you

"... I ended up being top bidder on my next three items."

Juan L.

...My experience as being a first-time bidder I would have to admit was fun and a bit of an anxious thrill. Very easy to comprehend and self-explanatory as long as you know how to read and follow directions you won't, or should I say you shouldn't, have any issues getting started and on your first bid.

What stands out is the items and ability to have fun shopping o had such a blast that right after I lost my first time bidding I didn't become all discouraged and upset because I didn't get the bid I became determined and motivated to find my next prize and make it happened and believe it or not I ended up being top bidder on my next three items.

The item I bid and lost on was this beautiful 18k white gold Italy 2.6krt blue and white diamond ring and an amazing low of 125.00 then on my next three bids talk about being lucky and so excited for the items except that I got a little okey doaked on and was able to score a PlayStation 4 500GB console and that is it. I didn't realize what had happened until I had already placed a top bid and was about to win the item I saw and read the description and to my surprise, I bought a Playstation 4 console alright but no power cord no HDMI cable, not even a controller nothing just the console but it's all good at 60 bucks that PlayStation 4 was a steal.

Now, these next two bids were my most best time and fun I had on the site I was able to outbid to purchase some collector's coins and I believe they were well worth it. This is one of the best sites I have been to and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a killer deal and who is going to have fun doing it. Thanks and I appreciate the experience thumbs way up.

"...Won a nice watch for my wife."


It’s the first bid I’ve won. It was kinda exciting. Won a nice watch for my wife. Thanks.

"...have won over 80% of the items that I've placed bids on."

Tracey M.

I discovered Property Room while working at a Bicycle Shop in Orange County California. "Long story short", I've bid on over 140 items an have won over 80% of the items that I've placed bids on. I've referred Property Room to Friends, Family and co-workers and to this day still place bids.

"The bidding process worked out good..."

James C.

The bidding process worked out good I didn’t have to keep checking the computer

"MS70 Jefferson nickel for $1!!!!!!"


"...I was able to get in a winning bid at a reasonable price!"

Marvin M.

There were multiple bidders on an item I really wanted but I was able to get in a winning bid at a reasonable price! I look forward to bidding again.

"...Can't get enough when I bid with Property Room..."

Franciso A.

I love my football cards. Can't get enough when I bid with Property Room. I have won maybe 5 times and my cards are beautiful and really mint condition.

"I had a great time."

John R.

I had a great time. Put the bid in with the proxy, when the auction was over if I won, or didn't I had fun.

"...This is my second win in two weeks."

Franciso A.

Yes , it was fun. Waiting for the last three minutes. This is my second win in two weeks.

"...they are the very best people to work with."

Robert W.

I have been with this Property Room from day one and I can tell you they are the very best people to work with. They will work with [you] all the time just ask. They have [with] me so many times. I love them all. [...]

"They have really nice merchandise."


They have really nice merchandise. I have bought many times from them and have always been pleased with their merchandise.

" was a wonderful experience."

Linda F.

Hi this is the first time I bid on and there was so many great things to bid on it was a wonderful experience. I definitely will go back and highly recommend going there and trying it.

"...this site is awesome."

Justen B.

I freaken love this site just scored another b day gift for my ladie this site is awesome.

" much fun"

Orval A.

...I am so happy. [It was] so much fun, I can't wait to get my coins and add them to my collection. Thank you very much.

"...thrilled to get some great buys for only $1.00!!!"

Dorothy K.

The items I won were not bid on by anyone but me!! I am thrilled to get some great buys for only $1.00!!!

"Love what I have won..."

Leonard J.

I came I saw I won. Love what I have won, and will try to win something else.

"...everything I've gotten has been excellent..."

Mariaelena G.

Have been bidding a while now. Most I win, some I lose. But everything I've gotten has been excellent in value and description...

"So much fun bidding!"

Sara T.

I love this site! I’ve been able to buy things in PropertyRoom that I would never afford to get in retail stores. So glad for this site. So much fun bidding!

" was something I wanted"

Leo M.

Yes I had someone bidding against me, but I had fun doing it and I did not give up because it was something I wanted.

"Great value on most items..."

William C.

Great value on most items, the competition was hot, but persistence pays off.

"...terrific job"

Duane H.

Thank you just what i expected and i got, terrific job. Thanks again.

"Really happy with the watch I won"


Enjoyed it. There was only one other person bidding. Really happy with the watch I won.

"I like the item"

Michael P.

I had fun. Other people bid against me but I won. I like the item.

"Very nice"

James R.

Very nice. Thank you very much.

"...138 other people were bidding too."

Lee W.

...138 other people were bidding too. This is for my Birthday gift ...

"I hit the jackpot!!"

Steven G.

I'm so happy ... I hit the jackpot!!

" to win stuff here"


[It's] fun and is cool to win stuff here. I bid on this ring for my wife because she is the most amazing wife


Dale E.

...I have never seen anything like this [site] before, but I think it is wonderful...

"I had lots of fun..."

Lee T.

I had lots of fun......I always do. On one item, someone was bidding against me, but I won!

"I felt like a child in a candy store"

Goli B.

I felt like a child in a candy store....I am so happy. Thanks a mil. You are the greatest Property Room!

"...very easy to navigate..."

Jack H.

My first auction at, and it was very easy to navigate my way around. Great fun!

"I love what I won. Thank you!!"

Henry S.

" worked perfectly."

Harry N.

I got a Macbook Air for about 1/3 the price of a new one. After I installed an operating system, it worked perfectly. Better than expected. Thanks PropertyRoom!

"Felt good when I won!"

John C.

"I had fun..."

Becky H.

I had fun I love this iste thank you so much.

"Very pleased..."

Jeff O.

Very pleased with these coins. This site is much better than another I have used.

"Woo Hoo!!!"

Peggy E.

I'm very excited about winning my earrings. Fortunately I was the only bidder and got them for one dollar. Woo Hoo!!!

"Great experience..."

William C.

Great experience and lots of fun.

"...won what I wanted."

I won a camera and at first the bids were going back and forth but I hung in there and finally won what I wanted.

"...always have fun..."

Diana L.

I always have fun on

"[It feels] good to win"

Shaheed A.

"Love it thank you"

Alan W.

"So excited I won."

David C.

I am an ex-elephant trainer and keeper for zoos. People have given me elephants all my life. However, I always wanted a significant piece made in Jade. I was fearful I would not get it as ones of this caliber are rare, (1st I had seen and I've seen 10s of thousands) So excited I won.

"It is fun to bid..."

Lee T.

It is fun to bid on an item and win it especially if your bidding against someone else.

"...I feel high..."

Patti H.

I wanted the items so bad! Wow, I feel high, yea I won. I almost cried...Thanks so much."

"I really have a lot of fun."

Diane N.

It is exciting to bid online and win...I really have alot of fun.

"Of course I like what I won."

Francis C.

"I absolutely love what I won!"

Marilyn C.

Yes I had fun! No one bid against me and I absolutely love what I won!"

"I had one other bidding glad I won."

Carl M.

"I had fun."

Thomas L.

I had fun. I like what I won...and hope to use the Android idea pad for taking pictures of the moon and planets through my telescope.

"I love what I won"

Vikki Y.

"...get what you want fairly cheap."

James W.

It is a fun way to get what you want fairly cheap.

"I've enjoyed all bidding !!"

Raven B.

"'s so much cheaper!!!"

Letty J.

I love that I won!!!! People really need to buy this way it's so much cheaper!!! It's unique and thrilling!

"Love it."

Anthony B.

" guys you are awesome. "

Betty R.

The staff [is] great, I have been with property room for several years now and will continue to thank you guys you are awesome.

"...looking forward to participating."

Ron F.

My first time, found it challenging and looking forward to participating.

"I had a lot of fun"

Bonnie S.

I had a lot of fun, I had this identical set in 1980 and it was stolen and I have been trying to find a set like it all of these years. Thank you!

"That's my second time [winning a] auction"

Abida M.

... That's my second time [winning a] auction...Open website, I see it's only [a] few second I win. Thanks, PropertyRoom.

"I won at the price I was wanting."

James W.

It was fun bidding and at the last minute, very exciting. And I won at the price I was wanting.

"Had a great time..."

Ron C.

yes had a great time.

"Can't wait to pick it up and work on it."

Sergio S.

Was my first bid online of course was fun if this is true [cannot] wait to pick it up and work on it. Thanks [].

"Not every day one gets 12 dollars a PC x 40"

Jim Z.

"funfun fun"

Sandy S.

"Today was my first time bidding on anything..."

Edwina H.

My winning was FUN! Today was my first time bidding on anything. I lost my first bid. I didn't really understand the concept. I do now and I won 3 times!

"I would not hesitate to recommend this site to friends and family alike."

Edward O.

Over the past couple of weeks, I went WILD on this site. I was surprised when I WON as many items as I did. What was even more special was that the gifts that I gave my wife was loved - and appreciated - more than I expected. The quality of the Handbags (Michael Kor) was extraordinary. The bracelets and the rings were PERFECT. Although some necklaces were smaller than I expected — the photos of the necklaces did not show how delicate (and small) they were. I would not hesitate to recommend this site to friends and family alike.

"Such a wide variety of interesting choices."

Michael D.

I really like this auction site. Such a wide variety of interesting choices. The shipping is fast. A great site to have some fun.

"Thank you"


I won a pool cue for 27 dollars. I came to find out it was a 1000 dollar pool cue. A custom Breland pool cue. It is a beautiful cue. Thank you [].

"I am still excited and lifted."

Judith S.

I have never had a real oil painting so I picked one of my favorite subjects and found a hand painted oil painting to bid on. There were other bidders so I was sure I would lose but much to my surprise I won. I received it in a timely manner and was over-joyed at the painting when it arrived. It was the same artist that was on the picture being advertised or shown. It is awesome. Hand signed, numbered and some other kind of numbers. I am still excited and lifted. I actually feel rich. HA! The picture is Nubian Queen! She is [definitely] a Queen of a portrait. My hats off to [’s] Auction and the artist.

"You Made My Day"

Leo I.

I am excited, no [ecstatic]. What a great day. So to speak, "You Made My Day" Thank you and I'll bid more often now.

"I am so so stoked to get it..."


This ring is identical to one my mum owned in 1955. She gave it to me and when my house was robbed 5 years ago it was stolen. I was [heartbroken] and have been searching for one like it ever since (this isn't it by the way , mine was smaller in ring size) I am so so stoked to get it (one like it)back! There can't have been that many of them made so quiet a rare find !!!

"Great time..."

Michael W.

Yes this is the fifth time I tried to get the 1909 VDB Penney. I'm very happy that I finally won one. Great time thank you Property

"Been very pleased..."

Ricky S.

Been very pleased with every item I've won.

"Very Reasonable Price"

Stan W.

Had a great find, and won at a very reasonable price.

" is my place to shop..."

Manuel C., is my place to shop practically from tools, 3 Rolex watches [to] a low mileage 2012 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 TRD loaded pickup truck. Through the years, I've been fortunate that instead of going mainstream and paying more money for said merchandise, had afforded me the opportunity to buy items at such a practical cost and had fun bidding at the same time. [I have] recommended to many friends.

"The staff is awesome"


The staff is awesome! So much easier to reach actual people when I have a question about an item, billing, or pickup/shipping.

"Gift Idea for anyone..."

Rowdy A.

I’m very happy with the whole experience and I think it’s a good gift [search] idea for anyone.

"It was crazy"


It was crazy…it was like being at a real auction…I came out a winner!!

"I was surprised!"

Minnie W.

I was surprised that I won!! I went on the site and selected items I wanted, not thinking I would actually get the bid. Very excited.

"Great time, great win"


Woo-hoo! My first WIN! I had a great time and I'm going to do some more bidding!!!

"An exciting experience"

Mark B.

It was exciting. Great win on long sought after collection of coins.

"I'm very happy"



"I love what I won"

Cheryl M.

I LOVE what I won!!! I have a teenage grandson who lives with me and he is BIG on gaming!! But sometimes he does get carried away. Last time, his headphone/mike set broke and there was no fixing it!! I got him a new one, and now I have a backup IF it happens again!! This is GREAT!!!!

"Very good experience..."


Very good experience, they accidentally sent a stainless steel ring and with no questions sent the correct silver ring, a very nice ring. [...] Thank you for the good customer relation.

"They truly deserve an A++"

Max M.

Well I decided to start working as a tree surgeon again, and while searching on I found a climbing saw by Stihl. After bidding on this item I had some concerns with the shipping because the item was located in Florida and I live in New Jersey. I contacted their customer service via online and was completely satisfied with the communication and resolution to my problem. They truly deserve an A++

"The staff are awesome!


The staff are awesome! So easy to reach actual people when I have a question about an item, billing, or pickup/shipping

"This is the best site"

Gary L.

This is the best site I have found to bid and enjoy [being] on.

"A fun, easy and inexpensive experience"

Valerie Y.

I won a beautiful sterling silver filigree pendant which I set a cap for of 3.01. By email I was informed I was out bid, so I went up to 5.01, and that's what won me the pendant. It was fun, easy, and inexpensive. I'd easily have paid well over $25-$30 retail for the pendant.

"...I have nothing but good things to say..."

Larry Z.
August 2023

I had issues logging in and was unable to go forward with reviewing any bids or items I bid on. I sent an email and within minutes I received a response. Mia H. was helpful and responded with efficiency. I have nothing but good things to say about Mia.

"I love this site!"

Cynthia D.

I love this site! ... I really enjoy the fun and diversion the auction has provided me. My hope is to win a coin that is valuable and I can retire! : ) ... Also, I love that the site gives back. Thank you for the work you do!

"First time I won anything in a very very long time."

Donjra M.
March 2023

I believe I will love what I won and yes had another person bidding against me. First time I won anything in a very very long time.

"...If only every support line was staffed with only Ambers!"

Jonathan C.,
Feb 2023

There was an error with my account where it showed I had bit $4400 on an item rather than the intended $44. I was alerted to this issue when I inadvertently won the item at a price of several hundred dollars over what I had intended to bid. Fortunately, Amber C. came to my rescue. She handled my issue with professionalism, efficiency and great customer service. She put my mind at ease. Amber was able to reverse the charge and prevent my account from being over drawn due to the high price tag. If only every support line was staffed with only Ambers!

"It's lots of fun to win a bid..."


It's lots of fun to win a bid, my first bidding action here. I'll be doing this a bit from now on. Thank you. [Hurrah] to me!!!!!

"It is fun and very much an adrenaline rush..."

Cindy R.

Very nice pair of earrings!!! It is fun and very much an adrenaline rush to feel victorious about winning something you REALLY WANT TO OWN !!!

"...Very easy and exciting too"

Mohammad H.

I just love it. I trust it. Very easy and exciting too

"Yeah it was pretty fun..."


Yeah it was pretty fun I was beating against eight other people and I won a generator.

"No one bid against me."

Arnie R.

No one bid against me. love it especially for a dollar and its condition.

"I was so excited when I saw this ring up for bidding..."

Carol G.

I just received my package. I was so excited when I saw this ring up for bidding it was the first time I have ever bid at any auction site period. It is an exact replica of my engagement ring my husband bought me 25 years ago. Unfortunately, it along with the wedding band was stolen. I was so excited when I won the price was excellent a lot cheaper than what he originally paid. I can't believe how gorgeous it is I cried when I opened it, it took my breath away. It's stunning I wasn't expecting it to be this gorgeous. Thank you my heart feels mended and now I am looking for the wedding band to match I will keep my eyes open. This time around I will get it insured.

"... I am so excited I won the bid."


1st time here, bid on Alexandrite earrings. I'm a June baby and always wanted to get something in Alexandrite. So I am so excited I won the bid.

"I love the item I won."

Abdul S.

I had enough fun. One person was bidding against me. I love the item I won.

"I have a great time bidding."

Bill V.

I have a great time bidding. In these uncertain times, we all need to find a hobby, mine is collecting rare coins and using Property Room makes finding great coins easier than traveling to buy coins.

"...This was my first auction and I WON!!!"

Manny J.

Yes, I really had fun. I was outbid once but I won this auction. This was my first auction and I WON!!!

"...This is a great site."

Dennis D.

I have lots of fun on Property Room...This is a great site. Thanks.

"...I hope to do more bidding in the future."

Larry B.

Thank u. This is my first bid ever winning. I hope to do more bidding in the future.

"Love this site!"

Susie G.

I bid on this lovely “I Love You” ring and won the bid! The ring is for my granddaughter and I know she will love it! I am anxiously awaiting bidding to start on another lovely ring for another granddaughter. Love this site! Great deals!

" was fun..."

Joshua S.

Yes it was fun, it’s the 4th thing I bid on! I like it [...] so far so good.

"...won the auction for a brand new coach bag."

Alicia A.

Well won the auction for a brand new coach bag. The price was right. [...]

"This was an awesome experience."

Monique D.

This was an awesome experience. My first time putting in a bid and I won. How exciting.

"It’s fun to bid on items at Property Room!"

Dorothy K.

I was so surprised to have the winning bid for a great handbag!! It’s fun to bid on items at Property Room! I check the inventory often, you never know what you will find!!

"Had a ball!"

Robert C.

Had a ball! It was a lot of fun to watch as other people tried to guess what my max bid was. I am going to look again. I might find something else I can't live without!

"...pleased with the prices and the quality..."


I have purchased and received over 15 items from Property Room and could not be more pleased with the prices and the quality of products they offer up for bidding.

"That was my 1st bid"

Rudolph B.

I'm very Happy.... That was my 1st bid.

"...I love my Fresh water Gold Pearl earrings"

Juila L.

Yes, I love my Fresh water Gold Pearl earrings. Someone was bidding against me, and I tried to rebid ASAP. Luckily that I got it back. Thanks :)

"I will try it again"

Sheri L.

This was my first time, but it was exciting. I will try it again. Thank you.

" finding a lost treasure..."

Michael B.

I had learned about this somewhere and decided to check it out. It was like finding a lost treasure because I'd been wanting a few things. Got em'!!

"...I love it..."

Letta G.

Yes I love it I ever won anything worth that much.

"...I found it on"

Steve B.

I had one of these drills & it [blew] up, so I was looking for another one like it & I found it on Thank you very much.

"...nice combo set of power tools..."

Edwin D.

Definitely a good feeling to win an auction, 6 bidders total, nice combo set of power tools for the price, some are professional grade. Great win.

"I'm still speechless"

Megan C.

I was super shocked that I even won.... I'm still speechless.

"...instantly fell in love..."

C. Jones

I accidentally found this site, and instantly fell in love with it . We have been shopping on [another site] for a while, and like it. However, your site far outweighs them. You have items that are useful, plus are always open to anyone to bid on, unlike the other site, which blocks bidders after a certain period. My girlfriend is getting LOTS of jewelry for Christmas this year, thanks to your site. Keep up the great work !!

"One heck of a deal."

Aaron C.

I won a 2007 Crown Vic for $650. Fully loaded police package all the bells and whistles and It has less than 93,000 miles. Only a few bidders. One heck of a deal.

"I won!"

Jessica S.

My first time on there. It was fun. I won!

" the unusual items I win..."

Jenny M.

I just love the unusual items I win on Property Room. Thank you.

"I cant wait to get more."

Lisa J.

I love what I won. I cant wait to get more.

"...part of the winner's circle."

Julio G.

Very happy to win and thanks to to gave me the opportunity to be part of the winner's circle.

"I love what I won!"

Mona P.

I love what I won! Can't believe the good price.

"...pleased with the quality..."

Allen W.

I have been very pleased with the quality of every purchase. Have told [a lot] of friends about you'll and how to bid. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

"This is such a thrill to win..."

Deb C.

This is such a thrill to win the most beautiful bracelet for roughly $10!! I love the Property Room site so glad I found you! Nice quality items at extraordinary prices!!

"I always have a blast..."

Dennis C.

Yes, yes, I always have a blast playing the best and only Police and governments true auction site.

"This was so exciting..."

Jim S.

This was so exciting, this was my first time bidding on PropertyRoom and I can't wait till you guys have another.

"I am so excited I won!"

Yvonne C.

I am so excited I won! My new necklace and earrings will be beautiful with all the black I wear. Thank you so much.

"So excited!"

Mona K.

"Thank you."

Fred D.

This is my first successful win! Thank you.

"Thank you guys!"

Isaac V.

A Samsung S8 for a dollar!!

"It was Fun"

Elmer D.

"I look forward to winning..."

Patrice W.

It was a really cool feeling. I look forward to winning at least once a month.

"...EZ to win..."

Alan W.

Very Happy thank you you all make it EZ to win thank you again.

"...getting what I want..."

Gary O.

This is great....getting what i want and having fun it.....

"It was fun."


"I enjoyed it."

Ed P.

"My very first win!"

Linda T.

I won a 1921morgan silver dollar, grade MS63 . Got it for my husband for his birthday. My very first win! And this is only the 2nd time that I've bid on anything.

"...what the hell, its only a buck."

Walt L.

i was scared to death to make this bid. i was sweating like crazy. then i said " what the hell, its only a buck ", and i pulled the trigger.

"Like the watch, good price."

Ed C.

"Never had a problem!"

Lee G.

I have bought thousands of dollars of watches, cell phones, iPads etc. I have saved equally as much. Most of the time it's spot on. When it's not they stepped right up and gave me a refund. Never had a problem!

"Love the action and the coin."

Mike L.

"Thanks PropertyRoom!"

Tamela J.

I finally won... I will enjoy my new Armani shades, oh yes, very sexy. Thanks PropertyRoom.

"No one bid against me"

Vikki J.

No one bid against me for a coin that will someday be a collector's item. Yugoslavia no longer exists.

" is exciting to win"

Jim B.

This was my first try at is exciting to win.


Ray C.

Unbelievable!!I didn't think I had a chance.

"This has been fun..."

Bob K.

This has been fun as I was able to bid and win 3 out of 4.

" ...first time I have won..."

Wayne G.

It was much fun and even exciting. I think this is the first time I have won at an auction [online]. But, it does feel good that I won. Really enjoyed

"It was the first time ever..."

Diana P.

This was the first time ever, that I bid at an auction, in my entire life. It was fun and no, there was no one bidding against me. Even so, I enjoyed it very ,very much.

"Bidding was easy and way fun."

Shanna D.

I haven't physically inspected these but they look good that's why I bid. Bidding was easy and way fun.

"I'm very happy..."


I'm very happy, thanks so much.

"Got it for a great price ..."

Harold K.

Had a great time bidding my wife will really enjoy this 14K ring and I got it for a great price.

"I loved everything that I got"

Kandi S.

I have been using [] for about 4yrs. I love the items that I won thru bidding. I have bought tons of jewelry and a few designer handbags. I loved everything that I got. This company is [right on] with shipping and mailing items thru the mail. My stuff is always on time and in perfect condition. I have told many of my friends about this company.

"Hope I can win again"

Itish M.

...It was great. Hope I can win again.

"Very Cool..."


So far very cool user friendly

"I was jumping with joy..."


I was very excited when I saw that I won I was jumping with joy [because] I won [my] first time.

"I got a deal of a life time..."

Bob M.

Yea Man PropertyRoom .com big hell yea on the winning bid on my Harley Davidson Road King. I got a deal of a life time. I think every one should check it out . It's easy to do and very on time with bids down to seconds and even though the reserve wasn't met they approved the bid. Thanks you're awesome!!!!!

" you rule!!!"

Omar R.

Lol I enjoy bidding. you rule!!!!!!

"Second time and I won"


This is the second time that I have been here and I won an auction

"Winning is a thrill"

Bill O.

Winning is always a thrill, and competing against anybody is always exiting (you just have to know your price limit.) All the gold I have bought has saved me hundreds of dollars, and the deals on the coins are out of this world. I always have tons of fun, even if it's just browsing thru the site to see what other great deal I can bid on.

"It's awesome!"

Carlos A.

It’s awesome! I have won twice!

"Truly a great experience..."

T. Gonzales

Winning the bid is and was an excitement, being that there were so many people bidding on the item. Truly a great experience, thanks!

"First bid that I won..."

Kim G.

I just received my first bid that I won on your [site] I ordered a blue [bethel] sterling silver ring. The picture I [saw] did not give this ring justice. [It’s] far more beautiful than I ever expected. Thank you so much

"I'm so happy..."


I don't know if anyone was bidding against me, I'm so happy I [won] because this ring I wanted [was] the color of my birthstone can't wait

"Great deals on the lot of Bikes"


I like the great deals on the lot of Bikes

"Worth a try.."

John L.

After getting hit by a car while riding my bike, I was in a bind... Luckily, I wasn't hurt too badly, my bike was totalled. New road bikes cost over $1000 and I wasn't able to afford that at the moment. When I heard about, I looked at the bikes they had available and was blown away at the great deals they had. There was nothing cheaper available anywhere online - craigslist, ebay, etc. In the end, I got an amazing bike that retails for close to $1800 for under $400. I will definitely try again!

"Oh, ty so much"

Tanya B.

I love what I won....I bought the earrings 3 weeks ago but I needed the necklace too...oh ty so much…now I just need the bracelet and ring then I'll finally have a complete set....

"I'm happy I won.."


When I saw this violin, I just had to have it! Others were bidding on it too and I hoped it wouldn't get too high; but I am happy I won it.

"This is Fun"

Gary L.

Yes, I enjoy bidding on []. I do not go [anywhere] else [anymore] this is fun



First I want say thanks [] this is my first time doing this at first I thought was fake but after I made my profile I said ok this is true then I started [bidding] like on 4 things and finally I won one so now I can say this thing is true thanks again!

"I am happy"


I just joined under week ago and already won 2 bids. Yesterday got my first ever Morgan silver dollar then in another bid won 4 very nice Jefferson nickels so yeah I'm happy.

"I won! Amazing!"

Jim L.

For auction was a roll of 25 Lincoln gold dollars-with my name of course I was interested. Starting bid-$3, so I thought will get this started and bid $4 (the roll face value is worth $25!) no other bids! I won--amazing!

"Love this win"

Joseph G.

Been looking to buy used breaker hammer for extensive work at home, rentals costly as in bits extra and same with purchase new, this Bosch brute had bits and dolly included! Love this win, especially after nearly outbid by 2 dozen other people!

"I was very excited..."

Renato D.

I was very excited when I saw this item. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. In the last minute of the bidding that is very challenging. My opponent was very determined. But I said I gotta have this.

"A grateful experience"

Melvin N.

I am grateful for the chance to bid on your site and look forward to doing so again. My granddaughter is going to be a lucky little lady! Some of the items went from $1.00 to well over $30 & looks like I may have lost them others wanted them a bit more than myself at the moment. I'm sure it happens from time to time but can't wait to save some more money and get some great items, thank you again.

"Will continue to bid..."


I have bid on many things on Love it! The things that they have are quality things and that's the best part. This is a great site and will continue to bid on the things I love.

"I enjoy the thrill"

Angel M.

Yes I enjoy the thrill of gambling. I like to collect old coins.

"Always enjoy bidding..."


Always enjoy bidding at auctions, this one the pirate belt buckle no one else bid on, so it's all mine! It's perfect for me, I will enjoy wearing it