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Company Info has been the leading Police Auction website for over 20 years! With a list of 4,400+ law enforcement agencies and municipality clients, we continue to provide incredible auctions all day, everyday.

There is always a great deal to be found on With hundreds of auctions closing daily, most of them starting at $1, no reserve, our bidders are guaranteed to have a great time!

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Law enforcement agencies are required to auction seized, found and unclaimed personal property at public auction. They clear out their Property Room, where they store those items, and send them to us at We receive these items from our law enforcement clients, and auction them to bidders nationwide.

Municipal agencies heard about and wanted to take advantage of our services as well. Joining the law enforcement agencies on our client list are fire departments, airports, city fleets, and parks departments. Both Law Enforcement and Municipal Agencies are providing auctions for bidders and using the proceeds to better towns, city infrastructure, public school systems and other public projects.

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With over 2.2 million registered bidders, and an unpredictable selection of items from our law enforcement agencies and municipalities, we decided to add a hand picked group of ShopKeepers for support. These Shopkeepers help expand auction categories and allow us to better serve our bidders. What category are you going to find on next? Firearms? Maybe!