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11/28/2014 - CNN

Bargain Prices on Police Auction Site

CNN's Paul Vercammen reports on a police auction website that sells unclaimed stolen evidence items at bargain prices.

11/19/2012 - Fox & Friends

Deals on Steals -

How you get some awesome deals on stolen stuff. We promise it is legal.

2/7/2012 - Fox News

Stolen Goods for Sale at Deep Discount

Deals so good they're a steal.

MSNBC screenshot

8/1/2010 - MSNBC

Your Business on MSNBC

Selling stolen goods. Sounds a bit shady. But for one entreupenuer, he's doing it on the up and up. With if you can believe it, the support of the local police.

Huffington Post

12/14/2011 - Huffington Post

Property Room Auctioning Your Favorite NYPD- Seized Items

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your family and friends? Don’t bother with the atrocious lines or crazy, pepper-spraying customers because New York’s finest may be able to help save the day!

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MTV News screenshot

5/28/2014 - MTV News

Jobs That Don't Suck' Spotlight: How One Man Makes A Legal Living From Stolen Goods

Illegal crime in the United States is a multimillion dollar industry, but if you watched last week's "Jobs That Don't Suck" episode, you know that you can get just as much bang for your buck working on the right side of crime. (Plus, you get to stay out of prison!)

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Consumer Reports article screenshot

11/28/2008 - Consumer Reports

Stolen Products: America's "Most Wanted" Gifts

Nothing says happy holidays like getting a hot gift from someone special. No, I’m not referring to a pair of Ugg boots or the latest incarnation of the Apple iPhone. We’re talking “hot” as in stolen, swiped, fell off the back of a truck. But before you sic the authorities on us, rest assured it’s legal. Honest. We may be tightwads, buy we’re not crooks.

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MLIVE screenshot

6/29/2023 - MLIVE

Where do abandoned Ann Arbor bikes end up? Change in law gives new option

Bicycles left abandoned in Ann Arbor can go on a long journey after they’re impounded by police and go unclaimed by their owners.

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Lifewire article screenshot

2/10/2023 - Lifewire

Best Online Auction Websites

If you're looking for great deals, there's a good chance you'll find them on an online auction website.

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Patch article screenshot

2/17/2022 - Patch

Walpole Police Auctioning Off Unclaimed Property

Walpole residents looking for a steal on used goods may find items put up for auction by the Walpole Police Department online beginning March 9.

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News Register article screenshot

12/3/2021 - News Register

Police put stolen items on display for public identification

McMinnville Police are holding sessions this weekend for viewing of items recovered from multiple burglaries around McMinnville and the rest of the county over a four-month period this year.

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Outer Banks Voice article screenshot

5/4/2021 - The Outer Banks Voice

Unclaimed Property Auction for Nags Head

By statute, law enforcement agencies must auction seized, found, and unclaimed personal property at public auction.

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WWLP article screenshot

January 26, 2021 - 22 News WWLP

Springfield Police Department’s property division relocated

The Springfield Police Department has relocated its unclaimed property location where individuals can go to pick up items.

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January 9, 2021 -

6 online auction websites to try if you love buying and selling on eBay

Everyone likes saving money and finding ways to put some extra cash in their pockets. Who couldn’t use a few extra bucks?

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CBS Sacramento article screenshot

3/3/2020 - CBS Sacramento

‘I’m Rich!’: 93-Year-Old Woman Reimbursed $5,700 For Savings Bonds Stolen 4 Years Ago

A 93-year-old woman who lost more than two dozen $100 savings bonds in a burglary four years ago finally has her money back, thanks to some dedicated police officers.

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Dona Ana County article screenshot

7/1/2020 - West Life

Westshore: Bikes In Police Custody

Empty bicycle racks in stores ranging from independents to big box stores have made bicycles a hot commodity in this summer of not-much-organized sports.

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41 KSHB article screenshot

2/28/2020 - 41 KSHB

KCPD helps return stolen savings bond to elderly woman works to return property recovered in criminal cases to their proper owners after the case has concluded. That was the case for 28 $100 savings bonds - issued in 1989 -recovered in a theft.

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fox4kc screenshot

2/28/2020 - fox4kc

After getting robbed 4 years ago, police reimburse 93-year-old Kansas City woman $5,700

It’s not every day that a police officer comes knocking, only to give you $5,700. Yet, that’s what happened to Jimmie Charlene Herbst on February 27.

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Kim Komando article screenshot

1/20/2020 - Kim Komando

5 Online Auction Websites To Try If You Love Buying And Selling On eBay

If you’re looking for deals with a twist, check out The site works with more than 3,000 law enforcement agencies and municipalities nationwide to help auction their seized, stolen, abandoned and surplus goods.

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Buzzfeed article screenshot

1/6/2020 - BuzzFeed

16 Seized, Stolen, Abandoned And Surplus Treasures You Can Get On

In the criminal justice system, property that is seized or otherwise acquired by a law enforcement agency can be auctioned for pennies on the dollar.

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CRN article screenshot

12/16/2019 - CRN

New AWS Awards Single Out Public Sector APN Members

Amazon Web Services honored partners with its inaugural AWS Public Sector Competency and Region Awards at AWS re:Invent 2019 in Las Vegas.

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WLWT5 article screenshot

5/15/2019 - WLWT5

Inside CPD's property room: The most stolen items in the city

You can try and protect the information inside your phone, but the phone itself is a different story.

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Journal News article screenshot

7/20/2018 - Journal News

Up for auction: Crime evidence, unclaimed lost items from West Chester’s police property room

A hodgepodge of property that was either evidence in a crime or found on the streets of West Chester Twp. will soon be available for purchase in an online auction. And starting prices are one cent.

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Hendersonville lightning article screenshot

9/16/2016 -

Ask Matt … About Sheriff's Sale of Unclaimed Items

For those who missed it, the paper ran a legal ad for lawnmowers, rifle cases, laptops, power tools, bolt cutters and even a banjo! Some of these items were abandoned and turned in to the Sheriff’s Office. Others could have been recovered stolen property where the owner could not be identified.

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Cincinnati Enquirer screenshot

9/9/2016 - Cincinnati Enquirer

Mt. Healthy property room gets overhaul

Imagine cleaning a garage in which you have been storing things for 20 years. The Mount Healthy Police Department took on a similar task this summer, overhauling its property room.

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Hillsboro Tribune screenshot

7/28/2016 - HillsboroNewsTimes

In an Online World, Police Auctions Go High Tech

Rare coins, swords and even a human skull are just a few of the items she's run across at the Hillsboro Police Department. And after 19 years as Hillsboro's lead evidence technician, few things surprise her anymore.

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PoliceMag screenshot

6/21/2016 - Awards Schlarship Grant to Law Enforcement Education

Online auction site recently awarded the 3rd Annual Chief Daryl Gates Memorial Educational Scholarship Grant at the 2016 California Association of Property & Evidence (C.A.P.E) Training Seminar.

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Bezinga screenshot

6/21/2016 - Benzinga

3rd Annual Chief Darly Gates Memorial Educational Scholarship Grant awarded by

Leading online auction site,, which conducts "$1 No Reserve" public auctions for law enforcement, government and municipal agencies nationwide, awarded the 3rd Annual Chief Daryl Gates Memorial Educational Scholarship Grant at the 2016 California Association of Property & Evidence (C.A.P.E.) Training Seminar.

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PR Web article screenshot

4/25/2016 - PR Web

Propel Bikes Locates and Transports Stolen Bike Back to Original Owner

In a situation that can only be described as fate, Propel Bikes’ owner, Chris Nolte, recovered a stolen bike for a customer­ after it was missing for almost three years.

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Citizen times screenshot

1/12/2016 - Citizen times

Lost Property? Claim it at Police Room

From purses to bikes to firearms, the lost property sits in the city police property and evidence room, awaiting its rightful owner... unclaimed property then goes to be auctioned on Funds go the Buncombe County Board of Education.

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Newbury Port News article screenshot

1/6/2016 - Newbury Port News

Going once, going twice ... police auction goes online

Ever wonder what happens to all the lost, confiscated, stolen and abandoned items that mount up over time in police department property rooms?

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nerdwallet screenshot

1/6/2016 - nerdwallet

Where to Buy Good, Cheap Laptops

If you want a laptop really cheap and are comfortable forgoing the warranty, government websites are a decent option.

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Camas Post Record screenshot

12/1/2015 - Camas Post Record

CPD Sells Seized, Stolen Property via Online Auction

Many local agencies are already using, including the Washougal Police Department, Clark County government, Battle Ground Police Department, Skamania County Sheriff’s Office and the Vancouver Police Department. There are a total of more than 3,000 law enforcement and municipal agencies currently using the service nationwide, including 160 in Washington.

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11/4/2015 -

Firearms Auctions Support Public Safety

With their new Firearms Auction Services, is able to offer firearms auctions starting at $1 with No Reserve price on – solving a problem law enforcement agencies are facing, sending back proceeds to support local communities and providing great deals for firearm enthusiasts nationwide.

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ChicoER News screenshot

8/15/2015 - ChicoER News

Unclaimed Bikes, Other Property Auctioned Online for City Profit

The Chico Police Department processes thousands of pieces of evidence and unclaimed property every year. After every reasonable effort has been made to reunite items with rightful owners and the legal waiting period has passed, the sheer volume of property makes it necessary for the department to find a way to dispose of it, said Property Section coordinator Joe Moralli, who estimates about 10,000 pieces of property come into the department’s possession every year.

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WZZM17 screenshot

7/13/2015 - WZZM17

Evidence Auctions Help Holland Police Budget

Holland police sell the items through, which shares in the profit.

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Chron screenshot

4/29/2015 - Chron

You Might Have Items in HPD's Property Room Waiting for You

A website,, is usually where the unclaimed stuff goes to get sold.. Proceeds go back to the city's general fund.

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Southhold Local screenshot

4/17/2015 - Southhold Local

Southold Police Offer up Seized, Stolen Merchandise for Sale Online

Last month, Southold joined over 3,000 police and municipal agencies across the country and signed on to participate in an online auction service,, a site offering “$1 No Reserve” online auctions.

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3/20/2015 -

AWS EBS Volumes Push the Scalability Envelope

Scalability updates to the Amazon Web Services Elastic Block Store service became generally available this week, and while the changes are welcome, some users say the new volumes could be simpler.

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Star-Telegram screenshot

5/14/2014 - Star-Telegram

Seized Items Bring Big Bucks in Auctions

As he walks through a warehouse filled with items headed for an online auction, AJ Jaber stops to swing a pitching wedge from a shiny set of Callaway golf clubs and then spins a few bicycle wheels.

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SMPD article screenshot

9/10/2013 - SMPD

Sold to the highest bidder: SMPD goes online to auction unwanted items

PUBLIC SAFETY FACILITY — Bicycles. Clothes. Rare coins and jewelry. Those are just a few of the hundreds of unclaimed items the Santa Monica Police Department auctions off online with the help of an East Coast-based company.

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Chron screenshot

7/27/2012 - Chron

Looking for a good deal on a Rolex? Try online bidding for stolen goods

If you're looking for a steal on a fancy watch or a cool car, check out auction sites used by a growing number of Texas cities and police departments marketing stolen or surplus merchandise.

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Business Insider article screenshot

5/8/2012 - Business Insider

FOR SALE: Tons Of Ridiculous Items That Were Seized In Police Raids

If you're a fan of Antiques Roadshow and Storage Wars, you might want to check out The website takes property seized by law enforcement and puts it up for auction at a steep discount.

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HJNews screenshot

8/7/2011 - HJNews

No More Killer Deals on Police Surplus

Private property ends up at police stations for a number of reasons. Stolen goods recovered from burglary arrests are only part of the picture, explains North Park Police Sgt. John Italasano.

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PetaPixel screenshot

1/24/2011 - PetaPixel

Find Cheap Camera Gear Through Police Auctions on PropertyRoom

Here’s another site you can bookmark if you’re constantly on the hunt for cheap, used camera gear to play with: is an online auction site through which law enforcement agencies can sell goods that were stolen, seized, or found.

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Daily News screenshot

9/10/2009 - Daily News

It's a Steal of a Deal at Former Cop's Site:

Most of us dream of having an "Ah ha!" moment, that instant when an incredibly simple but financially lucrative idea springs full blown into our heads.

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Eyewitness News ABC 13 screenshot

3/25/2009 - Eyewitness News ABC 13

Shopping Deals at the Police Station

We are talking about jewelry, designer sunglasses and handbags, cars and computers. Some of it is brand new and in many cases it's stolen merchandise that was never claimed.

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ABCNews screenshot

3/11/2008 - ABC News

Bargain Hunters Score at Online Police Auction

Bargain hunters who troll eBay, Craigslist and the ever-ubiquitous garage sale for cut-rate designer duds, costume jewelry and even cars now have another option for their deal-hunt:

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CNN Money article screenshot

11/14/2006 - CNN Money

What a steal: A Web Site Sells Stolen Items sells lost, stolen or forfeited goods from police departments.

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Entrepreneur article screenshot

2/10/2005 - Entrepreneur

Bargain-Buying at Live Auction Sales

Live or offline auction sales provide a host of excellent buying opportunities for entrepreneurs who are willing to spend time researching and attending sales. These efforts are usually rewarded with incredible buys, which can be resold for two, three, or even four times as much as cost.

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