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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you still running auctions on
A: Yes. We are still open and will have auctions available.

Q: Are you running customer pickups out of your CA, NY, and TN Processing Centers?
A: Yes, we have opened up customer pick-ups for select auctions with a Contactless Pick-up Process to keep our staff and customers safe. Please call the number provided when you arrive at our location. We will provide you steps to follow our Customer Pick Up Process in order to pick up your items. Be prepared to load your own item(s).

Q: I need to pick up my vehicle. Will the IAA Yard at Medford and Corona's Auto Parts & Towing in Hartford be open?
A: At this time, the locations that house the majority of vehicles and heavy equipment are not impacted.

Q: Am I still required to provide a notarized letter for a towing company/freight service or another individual other than myself to pick up my vehicle/heavy equipment on my behalf?
A: Yes. There are online notary services available to obtain the needed letter in order to pick-up your vehicle/equipment. Here are a couple of examples:

Q: Are you experiencing any shipping delays?
A: We are experiencing delays in shipping items to the winning bidders by some of our shipping carriers. We will do our best to get orders out in a timely manner as always.